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What can I do with an MPA?

With a MPA from Morehead State University, you will have both the knowledge and the skills for a wide array of careers.  The continuation of your liberal education will have broadened your intellectual background, making you better able to understand, live, and work in the world around you and with the people around you.  The knowledge of government, management, organizations, budgeting, policy making, and law will have developed high-level management skills.   At the same time, you will have had the opportunity to develop expertise in a policy arena in which you would like to work.  All combined, you will be prepared to enter the workforce as a high-level manager—a statesman, not a technocrat—in an agency or policy arena of your choosing.  Our graduates typically pursue three tracks:

1.    Work in public service:

    a.    federal, state, local government agencies
    b.    non-profit organizations

2.    Further graduate study—Ph.D.

3.    Law School—J.D.

Please see our Internship page and Placement page for examples of what our students are doing.

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For a complete list of internship and job opportunities, visit the Morehead State MPA FaceBook website at: