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Distance Learning

MPA course offerings vary from semester to semester, as do the modes of delivery for these courses. To see the courses being offered in the current and upcoming semester, as well as their modes of delivery, please follow this link to search for sections.

Web enhanced: These courses are taught in a traditional seminar format but with occasional classes meeting on the internet using the online interface that your instructor selects. These courses do not meet in person at every location every week. Some course material will be delivered in an asynchronous learning format.
Dr. Michael Hail
Internet: These courses only meet on the world wide web using the format that your instructor selects and do not meet in person.

ITV: These rooms are interactive television that feature live instruction. Facilitators are present at every location to operate the equipment. Questions about course content, meeting times, exams, etc. should all be directed to the instructor, not the facilitator. If at any time you have trouble accessing off-campus facilities please contact the instructor, or Program Director Dr. Michael Hail at 859-351-9997.

  • Closures due to severe weather or any other emergency will follow the protocols of the local classroom location that you are attending.
  • Link to MSU emergency web site

ITV Locations:

  • Somerset
    The Center for Rural Devlopment
  • Lexington
    University of Kentucky
  • Morehead
    Reed Hall, Lloyd Cassity, Combs, Breckinridge