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Admission & Registration


Graduate Program Application
To be submitted prior to the planned starting semester. Applications are available in 701 Ginger Hall or on the web at (PDF Version). Please also fax a copy of your application form to the MPA Program Director (Dr. Michael Hail) at 606-783-5432. There is a $30 fee to apply for Graduate Study. You can pay this by phone by calling 606-783-2019 or when you create an account and apply online.

We encourage you to contact us directly to advise us of your application submission and to indicate any interest you might have in scholarship support and career placement and planning.

Admission Requirements

See the MSU Graduate Catalog ( The following credentials must be supplied in order to be considered for admission:

Unconditional Admission

1. A complete application form.
2. A transcript of all undergraduate work that reflects the completion of a baccalaureate degree.
3. A GRE score of 1100 or higher. Lower scores (minimum of 800) may be accepted with other evidence of potential for quality work.
4. A two-page typewritten statement of personal, educational, and career goals to be used as a writing sample. Email or mail to MPA Director at
5. At least two references.
6. Preferred TOEFL score of 525 or higher for international students; a lower score may be accepted with evidence of English speaking and writing proficiency.

Graduate Record Exam (GRE)

Students who show sufficient evidence of potential for quality graduate work may be admitted conditionally without the GRE and take up to 12 credit hours, by which time the GRE must be completed.
(For more information about the GRE, including test dates and how to register, see


The Registrar’s web page on the MSU web site are the most accurate listings for the graduate catalog, academic calendar, and more ( Students may view course offerings and register online via MyMoreheadState on the MSU home page. Go to and select MyMoreheadState. Enter your current 7-digit MSU ID number and password and click submit. Select the “Registration” tab then click on “Search for Sections” to view and search the Schedule of Classes.

Late Registration Fee:

Students who fail to register for classes during the registration period will be charged a late fee of $75 (currently). See the Graduate Catalog for deadline dates or call the Graduate Office (606-783-2039) or the Registrar’s Office (606-783-2008).

Payment of Student Account

After students register for classes, they must make arrangements with Accounting and Financial Services to pay their student account. If arrangements are not made, the University will drop the class schedule for the upcoming semester. Please see the Accounting and Financial Services website for details (