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The Kentucky Education Research Roundtable provides a venue for discussion of education and educational policy research by researchers, representatives of state entities and other interested parties.  The goals of the Roundtable are to inform education research agendas, disseminate findings, share resources, facilitate discussion of education topics, and provide more and better information on education policies to the Education Committees of the General Assembly, the Department of Education, the Education Professional Standards Board, the Council on Postsecondary Education, the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, educators, and other parties interested in the education of students in the Commonwealth. The Roundtable is a non-partisan organization that does not endorse or advocate particular policies, political positions or ideologies, but serves to further the development of education policies based on best practices as demonstrated through empirical study.

Who Should Participate?

Participation in the Roundtable is open to, but not limited to, any person actively engaged in education and educational policy research in Kentucky or who has a professional interest in education and educational policy in Kentucky. 


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