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Community Outreach Partnership Center

About COPC

COPC Logo Located at 168 East Main Street in downtown Morehead (across from the University Cinema), the Community Outreach Partnership Center (or COPC) is a joint initiative between the federal government’s Department of Housing and Urban Development and Morehead State University. The purpose of the COPC is to engage the resources of the university into shared partnerships with local community and government groups. These partnerships are in the form of thirteen projects that address the following five development areas:
    * Community Organizing and Planning
    * Economic Development and Neighborhood Revitalization
    * Education
    * Housing
    * Environment

Our Community

The area of downtown Morehead that the Community Outreach Partnership Center targets consists of the area between Main Street and First Street running from Trumbo Avenue (where Pasquale's is) down to the shopping center where Slone's Signature Market is located. This area is characterized by poor housing quality, low educational attainment and literacy skills, unused business space and brownfields, a general lack of environmental consciousness, and undeveloped leadership potential and sense of community. This area consists of a mixture of small businesses and residential properties, including second floor residential space. Residents of the targeted area fall into two general categories-year-round residents and students-which constitute critically different populations with different needs and service demands. This mixture presents the opportunity to create a unique vitality in the downtown area that the Community Outreach Partnership Center will help to harness and cultivate into an improved quality of life.

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