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Occasional Research Paper Series

The CERL Occasional Research Paper Series is a nonproprietary publication outlet for empirically-based research that is relevant for education policy and practice. The Series is intended as a catalyst for information exchange and discussion among policymakers, educators, education researchers, and interested citizens.

  1. Do Contextual Effects Bias Kentucky School District Accountability Index Scores?
  2. Regional disparities in Kentucky Academic Index Scores
  3. A Spatial Analysis of Contextual Effects on Educational Accountability in Kentucky
  4. A Test of Three Sociological Explanations of High School Completion
  5. Homeschooling: An Overview
  6. The Relationship Between Teachers' Years-of-Teaching Experience and Students' Mathematics Achievement
  7. Proximal Factors Predicting Student Preformance in a Self-Paced College Psychology Course
  8. Expenditure Streams and School Improvement in Kentucky: Does Money Matter?
  9. The Effects of Rural High School On Attending College and Earning A Bachelor’s Degree?
  10. Online Vs. Face-To-Face Instruction: Similarities, Differences, And Efficacy
  11. The Effects of School Location on Math and Science Achievement Trends: A Primer on Growth Modeling in Education Policy Research
  12. The Gender Gap in NAEP Fourth-, Eighth-, and Twelfth-Grade Reading Scores Across the Years 1992-2003
  13. Parent Resources and High School Quality in the Context of the Rural Gap in Postsecondary Educational Attainment
  14. The State of Hispanic Education in Kentucky School Districts
  15. "More Real and Less Factual:" Teacher Decision-Making About Place-Based Topics in Rural Secondary Classrooms
  16. Social Class and the College Experience of Students in Kentucky: An Exploratory Study
  17. A Demonstration of 'Regression Toward the Mean'

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