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Red State, Blue State: The Use of GIS in Campaigns and Elections 2007-10-30
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Dr. Hail Publishes Research on Assessment of Bush Presidency 2009-04-14
Faculty Remote Sensing Research Mini-grants Available 2009-02-06
Student Remote Sensing Research Mini-grants Available' 2009-02-03
Dr. Hail Presents Research on Assessment of Bush Presidency 2008-02-26
Education and Employment Opportunities with ESRI 2007-12-05
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Contact Zack - IRAPP WebForm 2007-07-30
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Survey Matrix
10. We have briefly described five possible game scenarios below. 2007-02-08
Survey Matrix Question
f) Students learn about tsunamis by flying over a coastal area and identifying residences where people will need to be evacuated in advance of an approaching tsunami, and roads that need to be closed to prevent people from traveling into dangerous areas. 2007-02-08
e) Students learn about alternative energy sources by flying over a developing country and identifying the best areas to construct wind farms and/or solar energy plants to produce electricity. 2007-02-08
d) Students learn about the local effects of global temperature change by flying over an area and measuring how the amount of lake ice has changed over time. 2007-02-08
c) Students learn about factors that affect global warming by flying over an area and mapping out natural and human features that produce and remove greenhouse gases. 2007-02-08
b) Students learn about endangered species and biodiversity by flying over a real landscape and identifying areas that would be suitable to reintroduce a locally extinct animal species. 2007-02-08
Survey Select Question
12. How would you plan on using this video game? 2007-02-08
11. Overall, how interested would you be in using a video game to teach core science concepts in your classes? 2007-02-08
7. What operating system do the computers in your computer lab use? 2007-02-08
9. What operating system does (do) the computer(s) in your classroom use? 2007-02-08
8. How many computers do you have in your classroom for student use? 2007-02-08
Survey Text Question
4. In which county is your school located? 2007-02-08
3. What is the name of your school? 2007-02-08
2. Please list all science classes that you teach 2007-02-08
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