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Master of Public Administration

A promising career in Public Administration awaits you!
Earn your MPA at IRAPP, MSU’s Program of Distinction.
Master of Public Administration (43 Hours)

Core Classes (25 hrs)

PA 610 Public and Administrative Law (3 hrs)
PA 620 Bureaucracy and Public Management (3 hrs)
PA 625 Public Budgeting and Finance (3 hrs)
PA 630 Politics of Public Policy (3 hrs)
PA 640 Theoretical Foundations of Public Administration (3 hrs)
SOC 615 Research Methods (3 hrs)
MNGT 600 Survey of Management and Organizational Behavior (3 hrs)
SOC 635 Organizations in Contemporary Society (3 hrs)
RAPP 630 Graduate Seminar in Regional Analysis and Policy (3 hrs)
PA 690 Public Administration Internship (1 hr)

MPA Degree Candidates may complete one of the following two areas of specialization (12 hrs):

1) Specialization in Spatial and Regional Analysis
RAPP 610 Ideology and Policy Development in Appalachia (3 hrs)
RAPP 620 Economic Development (3hrs)

Two of the following:
CIS 650 Innovation, Technology, and Organizational Change (3 hrs)
RAPP 560 Spatial Analysis (3 hrs)
RAPP 637 Environmental Policy and Management (3 hrs)
RAPP 670 Directed Research (3 hrs)

2) Specialization in Federalism and Public Affairs
PA 650 Federalism Theory and Constitutional Law (3 hrs)
PA 660 Intergovernmental Relations (3 hrs)

Two of the following:
GOVT 600 Seminar: State and Local Government (3 hrs)
SOC 620 Sociology of Education (3 hrs)
PA 645 Seminar in Founding Fathers & American Thought (3 hrs)
PA 655 Community Development (3 hrs)
RAPP 670 Directed Research (3 hrs)

MPA Degree Candidates must complete one of two research options (6 hrs):

1) Completion and defense of an approved thesis PA 699 Thesis
2) Completion of an applied research project RAPP 670 and 3 hours of additional coursework approved by student’s advisory committee

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