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Current IRAPP Faculty and Staff


/uploadedImages/Content/Faculty_Profiles/SPAB/lange.jpgStephen J. Lange, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Government
(Ph.D. Political Science, Boston College)

• GOVT 640 Political Theory Seminar
• PA 642 Western Political Theory I
• PA 643 Western Political Theory II

Research Interests:
• Classical Political Philosophy of Plato and Aristotle
• Theoretical Foundations of Liberal Democracy
• Homeland Security
• The Role of Public Education in a Liberal Democratic Society

110G Combs Building
Phone: 606-783-5432

/uploadedImages/Content/Faculty_Profiles/SPAB/hail.jpgMichael W. Hail, Professor of Government, Assistant Dean, MPA Director, Director of Graduate Programs
(Ph.D. Political Science, University of Delaware)

• GOVT 610 American Politics Seminar
• GOVT 640 Political Theory Seminar
• PA 620 Bureaucracy and Public Management
• PA 645 Seminar in Founding Fathers & American Thought
• PA 650 Federalism Theory and Constitutional Law
• PA 660 Intergovernmental Relations

Research Interests:
• The American Founding
• American Political Thought
• Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations 

110 F Combs Building
Phone: 606-783-5407

/uploadedImages/Content/Faculty_Profiles/SPAB/thumbnail_arnn.jpgKathleen Arnn, Assistant Professor of Government
(Ph.D. (Summer 2013), Political Science, Claremont Graduate University)

Research Interests: 
• Ancient and Early Modern Political Philosophy
• American Politics and Institutions
• Literature and Politics

110O Combs Building

/uploadedImages/Content/Faculty_Profiles/SPAB/murray.jpgMurray Bessette, Assistant Professor of Government
(Ph.D. Political Science, Claremont Graduate University)

• GOVT 640 Political Theory Seminar
• PA 680 Homeland Security Policy
• PA 642 Western Political Theory I
• PA 643 Western Political Theory II

Research Interests: 
• Homeland Security
• Political Philosophy

110 O Combs Building
Phone: 606-783-5395

/uploadedImages/Content/Faculty_Profiles/SPAB/thumb_christine.jpgChristine Emrich, Associate Professor of Geography, SPA
(Ph.D. Geography, San Diego State University and University of California, Santa Barbara)

Research Interests: 
• Applied Public Policy
• Hazards & Disasters Modeling
• Regional Analysis & Development

414B Combs Building
Phone: 606-783-5442
/uploadedImages/Content/Faculty_Profiles/SPAB/william.jpgWilliam Green, Professor of Government
(Ph.D. Political Science, SUNY-Buffalo)

• GOVT 650 Public Law Seminar
• PA 650 Federalism and Constitutional Law
• GOVT 680 Government Seminar for Teachers

Research Interests:
• Legal Dimensions of Federalism
• Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties Issues
• Environmental Law and Policy
• Pharmaceutical Drug Policy
• Canadian Politics

114H Combs Building 
Phone: 606-783-2128

/uploadedImages/Content/Faculty_Profiles/SPAB/thumb_hare.jpgTimothy Hare, Associate Professor of Anthropology
(Ph.D.Anthropology, University at Albany)

Research Interests: 
•Spatial Statistics
•Medical Anthropology
•Social Landscapes

414C Combs Building
Phone: 606-783-9436

/uploadedImages/Content/Faculty_Profiles/SPAB/thumbnail_mcbrayer.jpg Gregory McBrayer, Assistant Professor of Government
(Ph.D. University of Maryland)

Research Interests: 
• Classical Political Philosophy
• Medieval Arabic and Islamic Political Philosophy

110AA Combs Building
Phone: 606.783.2920

Steven Parkansky, Associate Professor of Geography
(Ph.D. Geography, State University New York at Buffalo)

414A Combs Building
Phone: 606-783-2197

/uploadedImages/Content/Faculty_Profiles/SPAB/jonathan.jpgJonathan Pidluzny, Assistant Professor of Government
(Ph.D., Boston College)

• GOVT 610 American Politics Seminar
• PA 641 Ethics in Public Administration
• GOVT 620 International Relations Seminar
• PS 600 Political Science Seminar

217 Combs Building
Phone: 606-783-9437

/uploadedImages/Content/Faculty_Profiles/SPAB/thumb_reeder.jpgBrian Reeder, Professor of Biological and Environmental Sciences
(Ph.D. Environmental Biology, the Ohio State University)

Research Interests: 
• Assessing primary production in wetlands
• Ecology and management of reservoirs and hatchery ponds
• Regional river investigations

327C Lappin Hall
Phone: 606-783-2957

/uploadedImages/Sites/Main_Sites/Academics/SPAB/GOVT/lisa_cave.jpgLisa Cave, Visiting Assistant Professor of Government
(Ph.D. Economics, University of Kentucky)

• PA 605 Epistemology and Research Methodology
• RAPP 637 Environmental Policy and Management

Research Interests:  
• Environmental Economics



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